The Hovercraft Society was originally frmed in 1971 as the ‘United Kingdom Hovercraft Society’, changing to its present title in 1980.

The principle objectives of the Society are:

  1. The encouragement of invention, research and development of hovercraft and other related principles.
  2. Discussion on operating and trading aspects of Hovercraft.
  3. The circulation of a newsletter, currently entitled the ‘Hovercraft Bulletin’.
  4. The establishment of a library on the history of the development of hovercraft and current literature on the subject.
  5. The publication of proceedings.


The Society’s programme includes lectures and video/DVDs on the capabilities of particular craft, new industrial applications and discussions on the potential of the hovercraft principle. Visits to hovercraft manufacturers and social events are also organised.

The venues for such meetings are arranged and varied to suit the membership location, but tend to be mainly in the south of England. From time to time, events are organised to encourage the attendance of colleagues from overseas.